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About Us

Online Pharmacy Pills is one of the best and trusted online pharmacies for your med needs. The Digital Age brings you a huge array of online stores that cater to all your needs. Medications are no exceptions. However, meds are not the kind of commodity that one can shop for recklessly. At Online Pharmacy Pills, we understand that we, as an online pharmacy, have the responsibility to provide our customers with the best quality medications for all the range of health issues we cater for. We also ensure that you get the best customer service to clear out any queries and confusions for your benefit.

Medicines of Online Pharmacy Pills

Online Pharmacy Pills believes in quality over quantity. Hence we have limited our category of medications simply for two health issues in general. Muscular pain of varied intensities and Erectile Dysfunction are what we offer medications for. Buy medications for your health and quick action pain relief online with best prices at Online Pharmacy Pills. We offer our customer proper FDA Approved medications. Let us look into the medication categories to understand them better. 

Pain Meds

Pain is a general feeling or sensation that causes a level of discomfort in the muscles as we move or perform any action. A certain movement restricting force in the muscles makes the person feel unfit and struggles to complete the tasks at hand with efficient results.

Now pain comes into two classes; acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is  a milder form of pain and is more commonly experienced. Chronic pain  is a more severe form of pain that is known to last for a longer period of time. To better cater to the needs of the  people visiting our online pharmacy we offer two forms of pain meds for the two very different forms of pain. 

There are two types of pain meds available in this online pharmacy. We offer Soma pill for acute pain and Tramadol pain med for moderate to severe pain. 

Soma Pill

Acute pain is a more commonly experienced form of musclar pain. Hence we offer you a muscle relaxer that goes on to give you pain relief for 2-3 hours giving you the effect in under 30 minutes. Soma pill is available in two different doses of 350 mg and 500 mg. This painkiller is basically a muscle relaxer and it is very effective in treating acute pain. As this painkiller is not too strong, so it can be used on daily basis.


Chronic pain is a more troublesome and severe form of pain. Usually chronic pain is known to last for 6 months or more giving you constant discomfort due to the stinging sensation. As  already noticed, chronic pain is highly disruptive to the normal daily life. You therefore need a medication that gives you quick action pain relief with long lasting results. We thus bring to, Tramadol: The best known medication to get relief from severe muscular pain. Tramadol is a very effective painkiller for severe pain. Ultram is the market name for Tramadol.

This painkiller is very effective in treating chronic pain. Painkillers are taken to get temporary relief from pain. But most of the painkillers cannot show the effect in sharp and severe pain. But, unlike other painkillers, Tramadol can show the effect of severe pain also. In Online Pharmacy Pills, Tramadol is available in 50 mg and 100 mg doses. Tramadol for pain is one of the best alternatives you can take for getting relief.

Erectile Dysfunction Pills

With the lifestyle we lead, it is very obvious for ailments to affect us. Ailments that make us weak physically and mentally are very common nowadays. Erectile Dysfunction is one the ailments that affects the men. It is the general inability to gain or maintain an erection that is firm enough for sexual activity. This ailment can affect the male partner physically and emotionally. Further the person may come under the sense of  guilt and embarrassment of not being able to satisfy his partner properly. You can buy ED meds online with regained vigor and a step closer to a happier life. 

Online Pharmacy Pills offers three types of ED pills. Those are Generic Levitra, Generic Cialis, and Generic Viagra. We also provide Kamagra for relief from impotence.

Our ED meds

Generic Levitra is a very effective medicine to treat erectile dysfunction. It is the brand version of Vardenafil. This ED pills can help a man to have an erection with minor side effects. This medicine shows effect up to 5 hours. Online Pharmacy Pills offers Generic Levitra at the dose of 20 mg

Generic Cialis: Generic Cialis also can help a man to have or maintain a perfect erection. This ED pill is the brand version of Tadalafil. It is commonly known as the weekend pill because of its 36 hours long effect. Online Pharmacy Pills offers Generic Cialis 20 mg

Generic Viagra: Generic Viagra is the most popular pill for erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil is the generic version of Viagra. It is the first oral pill for treating ED. This ED pill is available in the doses of 100mg, 150 mg and 200 mg at Online Pharmacy Pills.

Our specialties

Online Pharmacy Pills is a very user-friendly online pharmacy. It has various types of specialties for the benefit and the convenience of our customers. Those are as follows;

  • Online Pharmacy Pills offers you secure payment methods. As you place the order we will send you a payment link that you can use to pay for the order with your Credit or Debit card. Please note that the shipping of your product will be on hold till we receive your payment. Shortly after that we will provide you the tracking details of your order to track your med package.  
  • You also don’t have to pay extra for delivery to your doorstep as we offer you free shipping with tracking details to track your order.
  • If you become the customer of Online Pharmacy Pills, it will give you refill reminder so that you don’t have to miss any dose of medicine for shortage
  • This online pharmacy never asks you for any prescription to provide medicines.
  • Online Pharmacy Pills offers medicines at an affordable price in comparison to other pharmacies.